Breastfeeding Unit

About Us

The Breastfeeding Unit in Al Adan Hospital was established in April 2010 under the Neonatal Department with the following Goals:
  • To promote, protect, support and to establish breastfeeding and help mothers to continue breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months and until 2yrs of age along with complementary feeds.
  • To improve awareness and knowledge among the health professionals.
  • To maintain BFHI in Al Adan hospital.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to promote, protect and support breastfeeding. We also aim to help mothers and babies overcome their problems so that they can breastfeed successfully. Finally, we seek to maintain Adan Hospital as a Baby Friendly Hospital and to achieve Neo-BFHI to help the extreme preterm babies in Neo natal Department by counseling and assisting the mothers with risk for preterm delivery for early expression and KMC.
We are expanding the education service by training the health professionals in the clinics and other hospitals to become registered Lactation Consultants and to achieve BFHI in other hospitals.


Adan Hospital was recognized as Baby Friendly by World Health Organization and UNICEF for 2years in February 14, 2014. It was the first Hospital in Kuwait to be acknowledged as a BFHI.
After the initial designation as BFHI, Al adan hospital still continued to provide the services needed for the best quality of care to babies and mothers promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding.
Al Adan Hospital was reassessed for its status regarding BFHI and was recertified as Baby Friendly on 15 February 2016 for 3years.
Our Breastfeeding Unit is proud to have received an IBCLC Care Award which makes us a facility that is recognized by IBLCE and ILCA.
Visit the IBCLC website for more info about this award.

Your Appointment - What to Expect

Most consultations take about 60 minutes. Do not feed the baby right before the appointment. Making sure the baby is hungry during the consultation will yield better results. Remember also to bring your own diapers, a change of clothing, and bottles of formula if needed.
Follow-up appointments are often given to ensure that the problem has been resolved. Please call us on our Hotline number at 96624408 whenever you feel you need assistance.
For more information, feel free to review this information sheet.

Our Staff

  1. Dr.Niran Al Naqeeb (Head Of the Neonatal Department and Lactation Unit)
  2. Dr.Azza E Tolba (Neonatologist- Senior Registrar)
  3. Ms Shyla Sajumon(Lactation Nurse Consultant)
  4. Ms Roshy Kuriakose( Lactation Nurse Consultant)
  5. Ms Sara Adel(Lactation Nurse Consultant)
  6. Ms Sini Jose(Lactation Nurse Consultant)